Multi Loop Controller

Multi-loop temperature controllers manage several zones simultaneously to stabilize the temperature of environments such as ovens, packaging, and heat treatment. Generally, behind panel, multi- loop controllers support various fieldbus options allowing for easy integration with other devices within the machine or a wider plant network. Multi – loop systems can be programmed to allow the zones to be independent or to work in conjunction with one another, depending on the needs of the application. Benefits of the multi – loop temperature controller includes reduced installation costs, improved integration and minimal machine downtime.

Multi Loop Controller

Multi Loop Controller


  • Cost effective to control complex systems.
  • Flexible and can be reapplied to control other systems quickly and easily.
  • Computer skills allow more sophisticated control.
  • Troubleshooting accessories make programming easier and reduce downtime.


Continuous bottle filling system, Batch mixing system, stage air conditioning system, Traffic control

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