Magnetic Flow Meter

In the industrial environment, electromagnetic flow meters are primarily used in water management and in the processing, life sciences and food industries. In tunnel construction and mining, robust magmeters are often the only option for measuring highly abrasive ore slurring with entrained solids, sand-water mixtures, filler materials or bulk solids with the required accuracy.

Magnetic Flow Meter

Magnetic Flow Meter


  • The electromagnetic flow meter provides rapid response to flow changes.
  • It provides linear wide range.
  • Measuring range setting can be optimized.
  • It has ability to measure reverse flow.
  • No additional pressure drops.
  • No obstruction is created to flow.
  • It is mainly suitable for hydraulic solid transport.
  • It is unaffected by changes in temperature, density, viscosity, concentration and electrical conductivity.


In order of usage, water/wastewater industry, chemical, food and beverage, oil and gas (although not for oil and gas fluids but in support of the processes), power, pulp and paper, metals and mining, and pharmaceutical.

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