On Off Controller

The ON/OFF controller switches the output when the setpoint is reached. If the value falls below the setpoint by a certain adjustable tolerance (xsd, switching differential, hysteresis), then the output is switched on again. It therefore only has two switching states. It is used in temperature control applications where the heating or cooling is only switched on or off. A 2-state controller with dynamics can, however, also operate with a P, I, or D component.

On Off Controller

On Off Controller


  • Controller output (relay)
  • Limit value output (relay) for alarm indication
  • ¬†Analog output configurable as actual value output, setpoint value output, or logic output 0/10 V for control of solid state relay
  • ¬†LCD display for process information
  • USB interface on front and setup program for simple startup


Control of temperatures, pressures, and other process variables

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