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NUVISION stands as a reputable brand renowned for manufacturing high-quality process controllers and measuring instruments.

Offering a diverse range of top-notch products, NUVISION excels in supplying premium solutions at competitive prices.

Our meticulously designed instrumentation devices, utilizing parameters such as temperature, pressure, flow, level, and chemical composition, empower industries to optimize manufacturing processes, maintain stringent quality control, and enhance overall efficiency. With integrated sensors, transmitters, controllers, and recorders, our devices provide real-time data, enabling operators to efficiently manage processes for optimal performance.

Process instrumentation measuring everything that matters

Our instrument is specially designed for seamless integration with the world’s largest industrial automation and control systems. Explore the details below for a closer look.


NUVISION manufacture and supplier of flow measuring instruments. The utilization of flow measurement is of paramount importance in the water and wastewater industries. It aids in conducting measurements to facilitate accurate water distribution, treatment, and wastewater management. Flow measurement, by providing precise data, contributes to optimizing infrastructure, ensuring efficient resource utilization, and adhering to environmental regulations.

Choose the right flow meter for right flow measuring application

Non-Contact Type Flow Meter | Contact Type Flow Meter | Differential Pressure Transmitter | Ultrasonic Flow Meter | Magnetic Flow Meter | Variable Flow Meter


Our intricately designed process instrument stands as the optimal choice for measurement tasks in the pharmaceutical industry.

Use our interactive process instruments to find the right solution of your Chemical Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Biological Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing (liquid and solid) and Infrastructure.


Complete Solution Provider to Control & Monitoring Oil & Gas Production Targets and Safely Optimize Your Operations.

Our Bourdon tube and diaphragm pressure gauges have been put to the test in different independent institutions where they have been subject to elaborate laboratory tests as regards different sour gas concentrations related to temperature and time.


Choosing the right process instrument not only enhances product efficiency but also significantly elevates safety standards.

NUVISION process control instrumentation will always meet every requirement. Our aim is to produce products of a consistently high quality, it is imperative to have reliable and accurate measurements which can be controlled and monitored from a central point.

These are just a few examples, and process instrumentation is now utilized in virtually every industry with manufacturing and production processes. We offer high-quality products with accurate measuring results at very reasonable prices, catering to the diverse needs of every industry.

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